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Let’s Be Realistic….

Let’s talk with our heads and not our hearts:

OSU is in big trouble this week. USC has to be licking their chops. Our O-Line and D-Line suck.

1) The Big guys on the Offensive line let every one in. They couldn’t stop a 2 year child. These are guys that are heralded as ALL WORLD. 4 of them are seniors. This isn’t a line that should be just OK. I say, start the freshman, it couldn’t be any worse.

2) The D-Line: the only way to beat the spread is to penetrate up the middle and put immediate pressure on the QB. We have no one capable of doing that. Why can’t we just try putting Heyward and Wilson in the middle and just see what happens. OU couldn’t do anything around the corners this weekend even though those 2 were double teamed the whole game. It’s too bad that the Buckeyes don’t have a tweener player in the mold of a Vrabel that can play on the corner or drop back as a LB. Don’t be surprised to see a lot more of the spread against our team.

3) Laurantis is O-V-E-R R-A-T-D-E-D. For all those fans that say he is better then Hawk. YOU ARE ON CRACK. He is effective against the run, but the guy is too slow against the pass. Yes, I know, you can’t take away the intangibles like him being the vocal team leader and running the defense. But, he can’t make up ground once he is beat. Do you really think that Hawk would have let BOO run around like he was fewaking Juice Williams.

4) Boeckman is not good. I had flashbacks of Bellasari. I never thought we would have a QB here that makes me miss Greg Frey.

5) Did anyone on the entire coaching staff know that the Bucks have gotten their tails kicked by the spread the last 2 years. Does anyone realize it is here to stay with half of the Big 10 running it and most notably Michigan and Illinois?

6) If Beanie is hurt, can anyone give me a reason why Boone Herron should not start and get all the carries?

7) Finally as I recover from my heart attack, a prediction; If this team loses by 30+ points to USC and we get beat by Troy, which I truly feel is a real possibility since they run the spread, the fans will turn on Tressel and start the call for his head. I won’t be leading the charge, make no mistake, I am just saying the fans will not stand for this. This was supposed to be the year we won it all, period.


One Response

  1. I agree that the Buckeyes (not Bucks) are of a major concern at this point, losing (2) straight bowl championship to SEC team. The fact is the Buckeyes cannot keep up with the speed (not the talent) of these teams. Let’s keep in mind that we are going into only the third week. What I mean by this is who cares where they are ranked. Perhaps they are over ranked currently. I don’t care if they are 5th or 10th, we are only in the 3rd week. USC should be ranked 1st as they destroyed an out of state Virginia. Each year Ohio State plays a small non competitor which only gives Buckeye “haters” every reason to say that they are not that impressive. Ohio State needs to start challanging themselves with quality out of state teams. I am a die hard Buckeye fan, however I seem to be one of the few level headed fans that realize that the Buckeye’s will never win another championship unitl they figure out how to defend the spead. Lets also keep in mind that by the grace of the faulty BCS system that the Buckeye’s fell into the championship game last year. Last year was not the year the Buckeyes were to play for the National Title, it is this year as perdicted by the experts. As I watched the game last week against Ohio, I originally thought that while Pete Carrol enjoyed his bye week and had the luxury of watching Ohio State on national tv for real time film, that perhaps Coach Tressel, coordinators, and team did not want to show anything that might be picked up by the USC coaching staff. However I quickly realized that if this was in fact the game plan, even it was poorly exacuted with the many mistakes that took place. The fact is the both the o-line and d-line were a train wreck. This game on Saturday will be won or lost in the trenches and based on last weeks performance I just hope Ohio State can stay within 3 touchdowns. After much thought I have I can only hope that last week was part of a plan to look bad and create a situation that allows Ohio State to become a major underdog, which is what Ohio State enjoys. They were a considerable underdog in 02 to Miami and were able to dig deep and win with strong play in every facet of the game; offense, defense, and special teams. In closing, I am worried about this up coming game, however this is were Coach Tressel and The Ohio Sate Buckeyes want to be. They alway put on the modest face and “play down” their successes. Lets just hope that last week they literally played down to get up for this week against USC. But keep in mind all you Buckeye fans, they still need to defend the spread against IL and if they are able to get back to the NT Game a likely SEC opponent. They still have their work cut out for them.

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