Tressel to the Colts

Everyone is screaming that Tressel should sit out 5 hames as the new replay review consultant for the Indianapolis Colts. The consensus is Tressel should serve the same suspension as Terrell Pryor due to Tattoo Gate. I am not sure this is the same thing if you are trying to weigh the Pryor situation vs Tressel. Tressel resigned on his own and is not taking this job as an upgrade in position. He left one of the most prestigious sports jobs in the whole country, one of the highest paid college football coaches, to take a minimal position with the Colts. Pryor left tOSU to finally make a legitimate paycheck with the Raiders and signed for millions. Its not apples to apples in my eyes.


Retired Ohio State Football Numbers

Here are all the retired Ohio State football jersey numbers and the dates in which they were retired. Ohio State has since announced there will not be any additional numbers retired. Hence the reason #10 has not been retired for the only Heisman Trophy winner not to have his number retired, Troy Smith.
#45 Archie Griffin (10/30/99)
#31 Vic Janowicz (9/23/00)
#40 Howard “Hopalong” Cassady (11/18/00)
#22 Leslie “Les” Horvath (10/6/01)
#27 Eddie George (11/10/01)
#47 “Chic” Harley (10/30/04)
WH Woody Hayes (9/10/05)
#99 Bill Willis (11/03/07)

OSU Football Tradition 105 – Carmen Ohio

In 1902 the Buckeyes suffered their worst defeat, to the team up north no less, 86-0. On the train ride home, player Fred Cornell wrote “Carmen Ohio” while the teams heart strings were being tugged upon due to the loss.

In 2001 the tradition was started where the entire team stands facing the band following the home games and sings the alma matter song. It is quite the powerful sight sending chills down the spine of every Buckeye fan, especially folling a huge win.

“Oh! Come let’s sing Ohio’s praise,
and songs to Alma Mater raise;
While our hearts rebounding thrill,
with joy which death alone can still.
Summer’s heat or winter’s cold.
The seasons pass, the years will roll;
Time and change will surely show
How firm thy friendship O-hi-o.
These jolly days of priceless worth,
By far the gladdest days on earth,
Soon will pass and we not know,
How dearly we love O-hi-o.
We should strive to keep the name,
Of fair repute and spotless fame,
So, in college halls we’ll grow,
To love the better, O-hi-o.
Tho’ age may dim our mem’ry’s store,
We’ll think of happy days of yore,
True to friend and frank to foe,
As sturdy sons of O-hi-o.
If on seas of care we roll,
‘Neath blackened sky, o’er barren shoal,
Tho’ts of thee bid darkness go,
Dear Alma Mater O-hi-o.”

Ohio State Heisman #4 & #5 – Archie Griffin – 1974 & 1975

Considered one of the greatest college football players only. Archie has been a symbol of dignity and class for the Ohio State University for over 35 years. He is by far one of the most recognizable faces in Columbus and will always be one of the favorite players in the history of the university.

  • The ONLY college football player to win 2 Heisman Trophies.
  • Eastmoor High School, where he went to school, renamed their football field in his honor.
  • Won 4 Big Ten titles.
  • Only player to start 4 Rose Bowl games.
  • Fumbled on his 1st carry at OSU.
  • Holds the NCAA record for most 100 yard games in a career (34).
  • Holds the NCAA record for consecutive 100 yard games (31).
  • Inducted in the College Football Hall of Fame in 1986
  • Was ranked #21 on ESPN’s top 25 College Football Players of All Time List in 2007.
  • Andy Katzenmoyer received special approval from Archie to wear #45 while at OSU, because Archie was his idol while growing up.
  • Was drafted in the 1st round by the Cincinnati Bengals in 1976.
  • Played briefly in the USFL as well.
  • Is now President of The Ohio State University Alumni Association.

Archie’s Career Collegiate Statistics:

Year Att Yds Avg
1972 159 1,428 8.9
1973 247 1,577 6.4
1974 256 1,695 6.6
1975 262 1,450 5.5

Here is the Heisman Voting for 1974

Place Name School Class Pos. 1 2 3 Total
1st Archie Griffin Ohio State Jr. RB 483 198 75 1,920
2nd Anthony Davis Southern California Sr. TB 120 148 163 819
3rd Joe Washington Oklahoma Jr. HB 87 146 108 661
4th Tom Clements Notre Dame Sr. QB 26 49 68 244
5th David Humm Nebraska Sr. QB 23 46 49 210
6th Dennis Franklin Michigan Sr. DE 6 30 22 100
7th Rod Shoate Oklahoma Sr. LB 12 16 29 97
8th Gary Sheide Brigham Young Sr. QB 12 19 16 90
9th Randy White Maryland Sr. DT 9 20 18 85
10th Steve Bartkowski California Sr. QB 6 13 30 74

Here is the Heisman Voting for 1975:

Place Name School Class Pos. 1 2 3 Total
1st Archie Griffin Ohio State Sr. RB 454 167 104 1,800
2nd Chuck Muncie California Sr. TB 145 104 87 730
3rd Ricky Bell Southern California Jr. TB 70 169 160 708
4th Tony Dorsett Pittsburgh Jr. RB 66 149 120 616
5th Joe Washington Oklahoma Sr. HB 29 47 69 250
6th Jimmy Dubose Florida Sr. RB 19 13 29 112
7th John Sciarra UCLA Sr. QB 12 15 20 86
8th Gordon Bell Michigan Sr. TB 2 27 24 84
9th Leroy Selmon Oklahoma Sr. DT 7 22 14 79
10th Gene Swick Toledo Sr. QB 5 19 20 73

Buckeye Leaf Helmet Stickers – How do the player’s get them?

Ok, here it is, a labor of love. This list took me about 8 hours to compile and put in a usable format. But, I think it will be an informative and entertaining resource.

The Buckeye Leaf sticker awards history has been detailed here : Buckeye Leaf

People still mistakenly call them just Buckeyes when in all actuality they are Buckeye leaves. The team uses black color leaves not green as they are commonly mistaken for.

Most of the head coaches have used their own system for determining how the players are awarded stickers. Tressel’s list is detailed below. I am not sure how Earle Bruce and John Cooper handed them out. But Woody’s stickers sure filled the helmet up a lot quicker then todays version:

The sticker awards is one of the most recognizable distinguishing marks separating the Buckeyes from all other teams. Other teams have tried to copy the helmet awards

but lets be honest, the Buckeyes have a one of kind tradition that isn’t going to work for any other team. Here is an ESPN article on just how ‘icon-ic’ this Buckeye tradition is ESPN Helmet Awards

Below is Tressel’s award criteria list. If you click on the picture it will bring up a larger more readable version of this list. Enjoy!

OSU Football Tradition 103 – Buckeye Grove

Founded in 1934, Buckeye Grove is in honor of all the first team All-Americans. Each player that has won that honor recieves a Buckeye tree planted in the grove in their honor which includes a plaque along the walking path, with their name and honorary winning year.

The grove was originally located on the east side of the stadium, but was moved to the rear corner as part of the expansion renovation in 2001. There are over 125 players in the grove. Each year that there are new players they are added during a pre-game ceremony prior to to the annual spring game.

Here is a list of all of

Ohio State’s 1st Team All Americans:

1914 Boyd Cherry
1916 Chic Harley
Robert Karch
1917 Charles Bolen
Harold Courtney
Chic Harley
Kelley VanDyne
1918 Clarence MacDonald
1919 Chic Harley
Gaylord Stinchcomb
1920 Iolas Huffman
Gaylord Stinchcomb
1921 Iolas Huffman
Cyril Myers
1923 Harry Workman
1924 Harold Cunningham
1925 Edwin Hess
1926 Edwin Hess
Martin Karow
Leo Raskowski
1927 Leo Raskowski
1928 Wesley Fesler
1929 Wesley Fesler
1930 Wesley Fesler
Lew Hinchman
1931 Carl Cramer
Lew Hinchman
1932 Joseph Gailus
Sid Gillman
Lew Hinchman
Ted Rosequist
1933 Joseph Gailus
1934 Regis Monahan
Merle Wendt
1935 Gomer Jones
Merle Wendt
1936 Charles Hamrick
Inwood Smith
Merle Wendt
1937 Carl Kaplanoff
Jim McDonald
Ralph Wolf
Gust Zarnas
1939 Vic Marino
Esco Sarkkinen
Donald Scott
1940 Donald Scott
1942 Robert Shaw
Charles Csuri
Lindell Houston
Paul Sarringhaus
Gene Fekete
1943 Bill Willis
1944 Les Horvath
Jack Dugger
Bill Willis
William Hackett
1945 Warren Amling
Ollie Cline
Russell Thomas
1946 Warren Amling
Cecil Souders
1950 Victor Janowicz
Robert Momsen
Robert McCullough
1952 Mike Takacs
1954 Dean Dugger
Howard Cassady
Jim Reichenbach
1955 Howard Cassady
Jim Parker
1956 Jim Parker
1957 Aurealius Thomas
1958 James Houston
Jim Marshall
Bob White
1959 Jim Houston
1960 Bob Ferguson
1961 Bob Ferguson
1964 Jim Davidson
Ike Kelley
Arnie Chonko
1965 Douglas Van Horn
Ike Kelley
1966 Ray Pryor
1968 David Foley
Rufus Mayes
1969 Jim Stillwagon
Rex Kern
Jim Otis
Ted Provost
Jack Tatum
1970 Jim Stillwagon
John Brockington
Jack Tatum
Mike Sensibaugh
Tim Anderson
Jan White
1971 Tom DeLeone
1972 John Hicks
Randy Gradishar
1973 John Hicks
Randy Gradishar
Archie Griffin
Van Ness DeCree
1974 Archie Griffin
Van Ness DeCree
Kurt Schumacher
Pete Cusick
Steve Myers
Neal Colzie
Tom Skladany
1975 Archie Griffin
Ted Smith
Tim Fox
Tom Skladany
1976 Bob Brudzinski
Chris Ward
Tom Skladany
1977 Chris Ward
Aaron Brown
Tom Cousineau
Ray Griffin
1978 Tom Cousineau
1979 Ken Fritz
Art Schlichter
1982 Marcus Marek
1984 James Lachey
Keith Byars
1985 Thomas Johnson
1986 Cris Carter
Chris Spielman
1987 Chris Spielman
Tom Tupa
1988 Jeff Uhlenhake
1991 Steve Tovar
1992 Steve Tovar
1993 Korey Stringer
Dan Wilkinson
1994 Korey Stringer
1995 Eddie George
Terry Glenn
Orlando Pace
Mike Vrabel
1996 Orlando Pace
Shawn Springs
Mike Vrabel
1997 Andy Katzenmoyer
Rob Murphy
Antoine Winfield
1998 David Boston
Damon Moore
Rob Murphy
Antoine Winfield
1999 Na’il Diggs
2000 Mike Doss
2001 LeCharles Bentley
Mike Doss
2002 Mike Doss
Andy Groom
Mike Nugent
Matt Wilhelm
2003 Will Allen
Will Smith
2004 A.J. Hawk
Mike Nugent
Ted Ginn Jr.
2005 A.J. Hawk
2006 Troy Smith
Quinn Pitcock
James Laurinaitis
James Laurinaitis

Ohio State Heisman #3 – Howard ‘Hopalong’ Cassady – 1955

Howard ‘Hopalong’ Cassady was the 3rd Ohio State player to win the Heisman Trophy.


  • Was nick named ‘Hopalong’ during his freshman year because he ‘hopped’ all over the field like the fictional performing cowboy, Hopalong Cassidy. 
  • Attended Central High School in Columbus.
  • Also played defensive back at Ohio State.
  • Returned an 88 yard interception in the 1954 Wisconsin game, one of the wins in a 10-0 National Championship season.
  • Played baseball at Ohio State.
  • Was the #3 pick in the 1956 NFL Draft.
  • Played 9 seasons in the NFL.
  • Was a scout for the Yankees.
  • Was 1st base & bench coach for the Columbus Clippers for a number of years.