Buckeye Leaf Helmet Stickers – How do the player’s get them?

Ok, here it is, a labor of love. This list took me about 8 hours to compile and put in a usable format. But, I think it will be an informative and entertaining resource.

The Buckeye Leaf sticker awards history has been detailed here : Buckeye Leaf

People still mistakenly call them just Buckeyes when in all actuality they are Buckeye leaves. The team uses black color leaves not green as they are commonly mistaken for.

Most of the head coaches have used their own system for determining how the players are awarded stickers. Tressel’s list is detailed below. I am not sure how Earle Bruce and John Cooper handed them out. But Woody’s stickers sure filled the helmet up a lot quicker then todays version:

The sticker awards is one of the most recognizable distinguishing marks separating the Buckeyes from all other teams. Other teams have tried to copy the helmet awards

but lets be honest, the Buckeyes have a one of kind tradition that isn’t going to work for any other team. Here is an ESPN article on just how ‘icon-ic’ this Buckeye tradition is ESPN Helmet Awards

Below is Tressel’s award criteria list. If you click on the picture it will bring up a larger more readable version of this list. Enjoy!


3 Responses

  1. The stickers filled up a helmet faster when Woody was coach because they were much, much BIGGER than the 2009 version..Duh ! Any real, old-school Buckeye fan knows this.

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